April 04, 2015

A Grateful Heart is Mine - He LIVES!

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Went shopping again for a few more supplies.
I noticed I needed some place for extra supplies. Found this totebag that a friend (M.W.) gave me some time ago. It has pockets inside and plenty of room to hold paper, extra plastic sleeves, glue, stickers, scissors, and so forth. A special bag for a special project.
I decorated the outside of my notebook with some pre-printed scrapbook paper I found at a craft store. The notebook cover is also a sleeve and if and when it gets tired-looking, it's very easy to change. I've been watching some planner videos on Youtube and several suggested using an elastic hairband to hold the planner book shut. Found a nice orange one at Walmart in a package of four.
I added the spine label and wrote in the year date to represent Documented  Faith 2015.
On the left is my new pencil pouch and on the right is my title page. My hubby printed out a black and white version of Stephanie Ackerman's quote for me which I cut out and colored in with my new twistable colored pencils by Crayola. They don't glide as well on paper as those twistable crayons that my friend (J.M.) brought us back from South Korea, but they are a close second. I know the quote is hard to see, but it says: "it really is simple: RELY ON FAITH. Love others and STAY TRUE TO YOU and everything will BE okay. whew!" ~ Stephanie Ackerman. Stephanie said she likes to staple the top of plastic sleeves to keep whatever's in there from falling out. I have used scotch and washi tape the same way, but it leaves a gunky mess when you want to remove something, so I'm trying Stephanie's method this time around.
For ADD'ers like myself, if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. I saw a cute tag in a Project Life scrapbook and thought it would be a good way to add Stephanie's focus word front and center to my monthly section, so I grabbed an index card, cut out her word, and taped it to the card with decorated scotch tape. I left a space on the back for a note, if needed. You know, you don't have to do that, but you know I'm into the crafty scene! *wink*

I had some extra notebook dividers left over since I purchased three packages, so I took one, cut it into half, and scalloped the edge. I know you have a list "daily disciplines" as you call it, that you would like to accomplish on a daily basis. That's the first list here. On the back side is a list for long-term goals or a "bucket list." I saw resolution lists like a book-reading list, financial goals or home remodeling projects, gratitude lists, and so forth. The beauty of this notebook system is that at the end of the month, you can lift the list(s) out and place it into the next section, so you will always have them in front of you. Check them off as you complete them and use this to encourage yourself. Can really motivate you to complete another project.
Here's a "motivator or encouragement dashboard" using one of the dividers. This is for meaningful quotes or scriptures that you like or that a friend sends you. Stephanie really likes quotes! Look under "doodles" at the top of her blog to see all the ones she has scribbled. Most of the cards were added with washi tape in the planners that I saw, but since I taught Sunday School and made file folder games, I love the idea of using sticky back Velcro dots for staying power, which I added here. I have some cards that I'm going to be sending out to my friends that I know joined me in this here project.
I've begun a section in a baseball card sleeve titled "FRIENDS." So far, I've only gotten a recent photo of me there. Remember how we used to swap school photos with our friends? Well, that's what I'd like to do here. Wallet-sized (2.5" x 3.5") snapshots come two to a sheet and I got 6 photos of myself made for $1.87 to exchange with my buddies. It has a text overlay on the front of the photo, meaning my name is there and the back has a sticky postal envelope address label on the back.
The most creative, fun thing I did while I was sick, was creating all these memory verse cards. I found some neon bright index cards to make them on. Some, I hand cut out the scriptures from Stephanie's sheets, but the ones that accompanied her devotions, I wrote the memory verses onto the cards instead. Good practice for kinetic/visual learners such as myself. I jazzed them up a bit with stickers and washi tape. Some of the washi tape stick-um needed help staying stuck, so I used a fine-line glue pen to give it the extra staying power it needed. Since I loved my friends too much to exposed them to the chest crud, I had to take a rain check for a crafty friend get-to-gether, so hopefully the next one will be in the horizon soon.  I found several little easels, recipe stands and clips to show you how you might display a memory card as you do dishes.  I found several of the little easels at craft stores. The really cute ant one using a spoon to hold up the "LOVE" verse was a special one found at a thrift store, so you know it's one of a kind. *wink*
I've finished up the last of my steroids and antibiotics and I'm thankful I'm well enough to attend church services this EASTER. Been missing seeing my smiling church buddies' faces and those sweet loving hugs I get from a special princess, DAUGHTER of the KING (C.R.) girlfriend. I want to thank you for your prayers and loving thoughts while I've been under the weather and wish you all a very Happy Easter!  Remember, HE IS RISEN!



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