March 14, 2016

Two Months Recap

Where did the months of January and February go? grin! They galloped right past me. >>> Whew!
A. Documented Faith =
1. What did I learn from the verses that Stephanie sent on prayer and love? I can sum it up best by saying that I watched the movie "War Room" in January with my mother and hubby. Then I added each one of my gals to my prayer list in my Faith-book.
2. How did I document my faith (my relationship with Jesus) in January and February? I've got sermon notes and church bulletins, as well as writing down all of Stephanie's verses on a sheet that I posted in my kitchen. Here's a quote from my pastor I especially liked =
"If we tell the stories about God's provision, we've heard about his track record
and we know he can provide and help us again. That's why our stories need to be told."
B. Prayer List = Do we have any good news on the prayer list front? What are you thankful for?
1. I've had Stephanie on my prayer list for the last two months. It's a good thing because she has had some weeks recently that were doozies (her words). For instance,  there were snafu's with the orders for her binder and kit plus she recently had surgery (twice) along with some forced rest.
2. I would like to have 8 people in our Documented Faith group with enough photos for a trading card sleeve. In January, Elizabeth, Julie, and Karen responded to my invitation and like a pebble thrown out into a pond, an invitational ripple flowed out to  Kathy and she joined us in February.
3. Many of my prayer requests have been answered, thank you Jesus! -- returned health for some, but others have not been answered yet that I know of. I left a place on my prayer sheet to record answered prayer! Would you mind joining me in prayer for those unanswered ones? Thank you!
4. I have a PRAISE! Last fall, our son was in an accident in which his car was totaled. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured! Well, from the day of the accident, our son has had trouble with getting any money from the insurance adjuster. First of all, the pushy third car behind everyone did not report the accident to his insurance, then the insurance came and removed our son's car from the garage's parking lot where it was towed to,  then our son couldn't find the title, and he had to send off for a new one, but it never came. Finally, I wrote a note about it in my faith-book to remind our son to keep looking and God answered our prayers! Our son found his original title, had it notarized and sent it off and the insurance company sent him a check this week for almost the same amount of money that his grandma had originally bought the car for! Praise the Lord!
C. Did I get in any time to get crafty in January and February?
1.  I did the weekend we had Christmas with my husband's folks at the beginning of January (work schedules & illness prevented us getting together at Christmas).  I worked on getting my binder put together.  
2. I made ATC's for club meeting twice (once in January and once in February) --I made an interactive Golden Ruler (see the bottom of the post for photo) for January.
3. I got some music therapy in one night at Youtube. I compiled a playlist of Grateful Heart Praise music to link into my study book post. I'm thinking about making another playlist to craft to now.
4. I've decided to use my calendar as not only a day planner, but also as a journal to record the days I am crafty on a "I DID IT" List. During the month of February, I joined Kathy Racoosin in her 30-Day-Coloring Challenge. I received a Mary Engelbreit coloring book for my birthday/Christmas and colored in one selected page to attach to my monthly dividers in my faith-book which are on my craft blog, click here. I would also like to laminate my dividers at the end of the month after I've used the back of the divider as a bulletin board, so January is laminated, but I'm almost afraid to laminate February's divider as March's divider got stuck in the laminating machine (see end of third week challenge post).
5. As a group, we did not craft in January or February, however I'm thankful the gals who have been sick since Christmas didn't share any germies with me! grin!  I was sick long enough last year from Thanksgiving to Christmas with that viral thing that wouldn't bug off  and my asthmatic lungs are still twitchy.
6. Aside from the dividers, I started doodling on my scripture pages. In January, I didn't quite know what to do, but after seeing that Stephanie had given herself permission to go out of the lines in her binder, I gave myself permission to doodle on my February scripture sheet too.
D. Sharing with Your Community =
1. I sent my Documented Faith group some happy mail in January and February. I'm hoping they will participate also and think of our group as not just as place to park prayer requests, but also as a place to encourage one another through their art.
"Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land." (Proverbs 25:25)
D. Miscellaneous =
1. I've got three books read so far. I've shared some notes from one of the books already on this blog -- The Practice of Praise.
2. I see I still need to get some photos developed for our group's trading card sleeve. So far, I've only got one.
3. I received a Pocket letter from Tara McGuire. She's looking for other people to swap with. I'm grateful she was so patient and gracious to me 'cause I was a little late. I should have arranged a due date to work towards, but didn't even think about it at the time.
4. One of the gals asked if we could set up an online place where we could share what we're working on. Since we're not all on Facebook, I set up an online board where we could share pictures of what we're doing.  No, it's not a secret blog, but rather at an online place where we were all together anyway! Guess where? grin!
5. I noticed Stephanie had a poem in the monthly packet that she laminated for her Faith binder. Do you have any favorite poems -- ones that you have written or saved ones that you like? I've parked a bunch of poems over at the Splitcoast Stampers website for several years. I also compiled a list of gratitude quotes here  to inspire your art and will be adding to it as I come across new ones.
6. I found out each of the gals' birthdays and added them to my calendar.  Mine is Dec. 4.
7. What are my favorite colors/combinations? My favorite patterns at the moment are black and white gingham and black & white dots with a splash of red thrown in. I also like cherries and bees (even though I'm allergic to bee stings!) God, you did good creating wonderful designs!
8. I started daisy seeds in a little kids seed starter I picked up on clearance at Walmart a couple of years ago in January, but they have since died off, I'm not sure why. My amaryllis isn't doing too good either. All the leaves got really long then broke off. It was supposed to have bloomed at Christmas, but it didn't even send up a flower stalk, but it is sending up new leaves. There's hope! And presently, I've started a kitchen windowsill garden with tops of carrots sending up leaves, a stubby piece of celery, and some lettuce. I change the water in the dish every couple of days. I'm not into growing stinky slime too. grin!
9. I'm thankful my eye pressures were under 16 pts. at this last eye doctor appointment. I'm also thankful for my new glasses and my new lift chair that I received for Christmas.
Well, I think that's it for the month of January and February 2016 for me. What about you?


  1. I dont always comment but I do like to read your blogs. I admire your faith and your unswerving devotion. Thank you for all your writings and indeed your prayers. I value your friendship, even though we live at opposite sides of the world. I look forward to your emails no matter how short they might be. Infact I am so grateful that our love of crafting brought us together. Thank you my friend.

    1. You are welcome Joan. You are so sweet! I don't believe it was a coincidence that brought us together at Club Posh, but providence! ;)


"Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe." (Hebrews 12:28).