May 30, 2014

1st Year Anniversary

MS Paint drawn by Me; Inspired by Mary Engelbreit

1. I'm thankful I made it to my first year anniversary (and beyond) on my gratitude blog as of April 10, 2013

2. I'm thankful the Lord has shown me things I needed to be grateful for this past year and helping me to change my attitude. It's been eventful!

3. I'm grateful He helped me write the posts and lists.

4. I'm thankful for the TV special I recently watched on the seven types of Attention Deficit Disorder with Dr. Daniel G. Amen and being able to order two video tapes and one of his books through interlibrary loan:
Healing ADD: The Breakthrough Program that Allows You to See and Heal the Six Types of Attention Deficit Disorder. By Daniel G. Amen, M.D., G.P. Putnam, New York, 2001.;

5. I'm thankful for my readers and friends who without their support, I wouldn't have the stats below to report.
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WOW! Happy Anniversary to Me!

The Total Pageviews for the Year (as of today's date) = 3,027


I Have Readers From Around the World! The Top Five Countries are = USA, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, and Germany.

The Five Most Popular Posts Were =


As part of my celebration of making it this far, I would like to have a drawing to give away the Gratitude Banner above! Click on link to see pic! In order to do that, I must have commenters to this post by June 14, 2014 with at least a first name (no anonymous people allowed) and at least one thing you are grateful for the day you post. Please post only one time so everyone will have a fair chance to win. After June 14, 2014, I will mix up all the names of the people who have commented in a hat and draw a winner. I will post who won and will ask you to contact me so I can get your snail mail address in order to mail it to you by a certain date! Thanks! And Happy Commenting!
Postscript: Contest is closed!

May 06, 2014

Sweet Memories


I remember. . .

As a child in the hill-top church I grew up in, of having singspiration evenings with our sister churches in the metro KC area. If I recall correctly, there were only four or five congregations then and that included the black churches as well. Those black women would dress to the nines even on Sunday evening and we often hosted the event. There would be solos or choir number specials from all the different churches interspered during the evening, but the most fun was getting to pick our favorite songs from the hymnal. Someone in the paper-fan waving crowd would sing out, "page so-and so" and the pages rustled as everyone quickly turned to that page. In the summer, we'd have the windows open and would witness to the entire community around us! We'd almost rock that auditorium with the Amen crowd -- clapping and foot-stomping and praising God! My mother played the organ and I remember seeing her legs swinging and her feet stomping on the foot pedals as she tried to keep up with her fingers on the keys. She made that organ almost smoke. Oh, and then, the potluck feast that came afterwards downstairs in our fellowship hall, oh boy! All kinds of finger-food goodies contributed by all the ladies who came. Those tables almost groaned under the weight of all that food! Yum!
It was really hard for a tyke like me to wait my turn in the long line snaking out of the doorway and down the hall, my stomach rumbling as I clutched my paper plate in my hot-little hands. I remember how my nose twitched at the wonderful smells wafting from the kitchen when one of the aproned hostesses sailed out to refill something. Sigh!

My mother always said she wanted our social life to be centered in Christian fellowship and so it was. We lived in the world all week at home, at school, at work, but the really special times was with our spiritual family -- our sisters and brothers in Christ. I imagine heaven will be like that -- feasting on spiritual food while singing glorious praises with the angels to our Daddy Lord. I'm thankful for sweet memories like that!