October 22, 2015

Rough Month, But God is With Us!

"I will present my thank offerings to you.
For you have delivered me from death
and my feet from stumbling,
that I may walk before God
in the light of life."
~ Psalm 56:12b-13.

I must tell you my praises tonight ---
First, we've had a rough month.

 My hubby ended up in hospital with kidney stone before Sunday school
a couple of weeks ago. 
Monday morning, he was still greatly in pain,
but then a girlfriend called and told me
 our mutual girlfriend passed away.
Then the hospital kicked David out the next day and told him to go home.
 He didn't give birth to that rock until that Thursday.
Friday, we decided we had to get out and get some groceries
and got down the highway and the car overheated.
So we stopped on the side of the road to let it cool down,
David added some antifreeze to the car;
it got us down the road to Walmart where we sat
until hubby's father could come to look at it.
Water ran right through.
So a tow truck took us to a near-by garage where it remains.
Blown-head gasket.
$2100.00 to fix.
No money.
Then two other friends had loved ones pass away.
Tonight our son was in a car accident.
He was sitting on the road, letting cars go round construction
on the road since it was down to one lane.
A motorcycle was behind him
and a little yellow car crested the hill behind them
 going faster than the speed limit;
 it slammed into the motorcycle and pushed it into the back of
our son's car. Motorcyclist got up and walked away
after getting thrown from his seat into the ditch
(medics made him go get checked out all the same).
And my mother had just left a package at our house and
when I called her to razz her about not staying to visit,
 she had just come upon the scene and recognized our son's car.
She said she felt like she was in the right place at the right time.
Because she was there, she was able to take our son 
to the hospital to get checked out and to the insurance office.
Meanwhile, our son had called his dad at work to tell him about the accident
and hubby fainted dead away.
The Fed-Ex guy caught him just as he swayed and was able to lower him
to the floor. My husband said the next thing he knew, there were faces
peering down at him and he didn't know where he was. LOL!
Not knowing that he already knew about the accident, I was angry
because I couldn't get through; phone call went straight to voice mail --
he has a habit of forgetting to charge the phone at home.
His boss answered the phone the next time I called
and told me what happened and that medics
and an ambulance was on the way.
The personnel director came to get me as I don't have a car & drive,
brought us home, and another of the upper management
drove hubby's pick-up home. 
His blood sugar had bottomed out.

Meanwhile I texted a friend and our pastor for prayer
 I called his parents.
 We were going to go out to eat with them tonight.
They were here in no time flat and
we were able to get some protein in my hubby.
While my father-in-law was driving to the restaurant,
hubby told his good news.
The new engine we put into our PT cruiser is only 2 years old;
so the repairs to our car is covered under warranty!
Son came home from hospital
he's alright; had a little glass in his hair and he will be a little sore.
But he had his seatbelt on and insurance!
Little did I know when I posted the coloring sheet two days ago
what today would hold.
But I can say, I praise God for his protection and provision!
He protected  my hubby and our dear son from serious damage
and he provided people to help us just when we needed it!
Oh, and a girlfriend called to tell us that her new grandbaby is here!

October 21, 2015

Two-thirds of the Way

Through Kathy Racoosin's 30-Day-Coloring Challenge.
My choice of coloring sheet tonight was:
by artist: Deborah Muller
I am Thankful and Blessed For God is with me!

October 11, 2015

In the Memory Of . . .

1. I dedicate my gratitude post to Linda today. May she rest in the arms of Jesus. She liked to greet me and say goodbye with a hug. Be sure to save a hug for me in heaven gal!

I found a gratitude card kit video on Youtube
I believe Linda would have liked as she was a rubber stamper too.

2. I'm thankful for Princess Sister who brought me beets, carrots, lettuce, and a watermelon today! And for the ride to the hospital so I could go visit hubby! I KNOW my hubby is thankful for painkillers! LOL! He birthed a kidney stone this week! I picked up the Spiritual Care brochure the hospital chaplain left and it had a gratitude prayer inside:

When Thankful
God, Your mercies are new to me every day.
I give You thanks for the renewing of my
health and for the relief from my pain and
worry. Continue Your healing within me, that
I may return to the work You have given me
to do. Amen.
3. Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month? I'm thankful that our Pastor took the time out of his busy schedule to go visit and pray with my hubby while he was in the hospital and I'm thankful the hospital chaplain visited too!
4. I'm grateful for available tow trucks!

5.  Part of my prayer about Liberty Mosquito Primitive Baptist church is being answered as I type this! May God continue to answer the prayer I requested today for wisdom, for state wheels to turn, and for healing in family relationships. Thank you, Jesus!

6. I saw this cool commercial about gratitude on television today! Check it out!

"He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me,
and he prepares the way
so that I may show him the salvation of God."
~ Psalm 50:23

October 01, 2015

Great Nephew's Appreciation Video

"Then he [Manasseh] restored the altar of the Lord and sacrificed fellowship offerings
and thank offerings on it,
and told Judah to serve the Lord, the God of Israel." ~ 2 Chronicles 33:16

1. I'm thankful that I can ask my brothers and sisters in Christ for supporting prayer and that Stephanie Ackerman felt free to  ask us Documented Faith followers this week for prayer, which I was only too happy to oblige.
2. Princess Sister brought us beets and potatoes to eat and they were very good. And another Sister brought tomatoes to share. I'm grateful for generous hearts.

3. I'm grateful for a reminder today about the purpose of Corrie ten Boom's life. She was a courageous Dutch Christian woman who survived  one of the cruelest Nazi concentration camps during World War II. She and her sister, Betsie, were sent to Ravensbruck because her family provided sanctuary for Jews from the Nazis. I remember reading books like The Hiding Place and Tramp for the Lord. Betsie, with the grace of God, helped her to see that she could be grateful in the midst of their terrible circumstances for things like vermin, because the bugs in her barracks kept the Nazis away, so they were able to hold Bible studies twice a day where many women found salvation in Christ. Corrie said that while they were unpleasant, God could even use fleas and lice for his purpose!  She was such an inspiration to me! 
4. I'm grateful for opportunities to PRACTICE my paper crafting and coloring skills with Kathy Racoosin's 30 Day Coloring Challenge. It's a good prod to get me going! I'll be sharing what I color on my craft blog if you want to take a peek.

5. And I'm so proud of my great-nephew. He made a nifty appreciation video about one of  his teachers for a scholarship contest. As part of the contest, if you think he did well, please "Like" it. At the end of the contest, the one with the most "likes" wins a scholarship and the teacher will receive a prize too -- something useful for her classroom! Thank you, in advance, if you decide to participate!