April 02, 2016

Faith-booking Journaling Prompts

We're moving into the month of April and I've been thinking of some questions to prompt me into writing about my relationship with Jesus for my faith-book. I have answered some the questions  already, either here on this blog or one of my other ones.  Last year I mentioned something about scrapbooking my ancestors' faith in Jesus, which I have yet to accomplish, so perhaps this will motivate me to begin. If I choose one prompt a month to journal, I should be able to get through this list in about three years!
  1. When did you first recognize Jesus? Lisps First Word (see sample below)
  2. Who introduced you to Jesus?
  3. When did you first go to church and who took you there? Do you have photos of them you can add to your journal page?
  4. Which ancestors of yours were Christians? Record evidence you may have personally witnessed of their spiritual life such as reading the Bible, memorizing Scripture, praying, etc.
  5. What churches did you attend?
  6. When did you get your first Bible? 
  7.  What are your favorite Bible scriptures and why? 
  8. When did you asked Jesus to come into your heart?
  9. When were you baptized? Who helped you celebrate this important milestone in your Christian life?
  10. Have you experienced or seen evidence of miracles -- extraordinary events that can't be explained by earth's natural laws? What did that do for your faith in Jesus?
  11. How do you know Jesus loves you? What symbolizes Jesus' love for you?
  12. Tell about why you received certificates, special cards or encouraging notes from your teachers, youth leaders, your pastor or your spiritual family.
  13. What were your favorite activities with your spiritual family? Where did they like to hang out? Did you do anything with your spiritual family outside of church?
  14. Have you written anything about your relationship with Jesus and what was it? Was it strictly for yourself or friends? Was it ever published?
  15. Did you ever create artwork or crafts based on your faith? Tell about it.
  16. Who were your Sunday School teachers? Write a short biography about one (or more) of them.
  17. Consider who you admire in your past or present spiritual family? What do you admire about them most and what would you would like to emulate in your own life?
  18. Did you or do you personally know any missionaries? Did you ever consider becoming or are you a missionary? Who influenced you to become a missionary?
  19. What were your favorite church camp memories? Or camp meeting memories? Retreats?
  20. Did you meet your spouse at a church activity? Did you get married in a church? Tell about it.
  21. Were your children dedicated in church? By whom?
  22. What lessons have you tried to teach your child(ren) about Jesus? Have you personally led your child(ren) to Christ?
  23. What faith books were in your library at home?
  24. What famous Christian biographies have you read? Write a 300-word biography about one of them.
  25. What poems, quotes and sayings have you collected that mean at lot to you in your relationship with Jesus?
  26. What is or are your favorite hymn(s)?
  27. What are your favorite memories of traditional holiday meals? What special things did you eat and who did you eat with?
  28. Did you ever submit a recipe for inclusion in your church's cookbook or another publication?
  29. Tell about a time you walked away from Jesus. Tell what brought you back to him.
  30. What leadership roles have you taken on at church? Describe all or one of them. What were your best memories of your service?
  31. Did you attend a Christian school (private school, college, university, seminary)? Tell about your experience and what lessons were the hardest for you to learn; the easiest?
  32. Tell about a traumatic event in your life. Who were your best supporters?
  33.  What is or was your worst habit? What would or what did it take to overcome it? How did or does it affect your relationship with Jesus?
  34. Have you ever visited the Holy Land and walked where Jesus walked? If so, tell about your trip.
  35. Write about heaven in your own words. Describe what you will see and do there based on scripture. Can you imagine how exquisite the praise music and the banquet table will be? Who do you hope to meet there?
  36. What are you thankful for?
Some of the questions above were inspired by the book called "The Book of Me: A Guide to Scrapbooking About Yourself." By Angie Pederson. 2002.

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