July 26, 2015

A God-thing? You Tell Me

But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and
through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.
~ 2 Corinthians 2:14
You'll obtain more flies with honey than with vinegar!

It has to be a God-thing! My husband had taken off two days early for his family reunion weekend so that we could spend a little extra time researching his maternal side of the family, namely looking for evidence of his 3rd- great-grandfather's burial site at a Civil War camp along the Missouri River, which we didn't find. However, I was surprised to find some information at the library we visited concerning my 3rd-great grandfather that I later shared with a fellow researcher and afterwards we went back into the state capital city to buy some craft supplies I needed (for below). Next door to the craft and hobby shop, there is a bookstore where I found a book on central Illinois. G.F., the genealogist who invited me to Lincoln, IL to speak about my 3rd great grandfather, said somebody must have been with me that day to help me shop, for I  got so excited when I discovered not only my 4th great-grandparents were in the book, but also his brother. LOL!
As far as the craft supplies I had to have, it was because I've joined a new craft club making ATC's (artist trading cards) once a month. Over on my craft blog, I've got a paper challenge going until the next meeting and have been adding to the post most every night about all the free goodies I've been collecting and cutting down from inside my house. God must have known I needed to clean house as I found an eye appointment I completely missed last month. Yes, it's been rescheduled! Thank you, Jesus.

And along that line, I also found two newsletters from a church in central Missouri that many of my husband's relatives attend and also several cards we've received during the year, like an anniversary one that our Pastor sent to us.  You wouldn't believe how fat my notebook is getting to be now! But one thing I wish I could find again are those document sleeves I once had that had a little flap at the top that prevented things from sliding out.
Also, the side of our  son's face swelled up this week. He looked like he had the mumps. I remember having the mumps, but he had a vaccination against them when he was a baby. He went to the doctor and was able to get some medicine for the infection in his jaw. I'm glad for modern medicine when it's needed. And his paternal grandparents purchased his birthday gift a little early -- it's a window unit air-conditioner! Nice!
The company my husband works for schedules a community service project once or twice a year. It's strictly a volunteer thing, but it is great for any employee's high schoolers who need community service hours to graduate and helps those in need. This morning we went down to the Harvesters warehouse downtown. Harvesters rescues and collects food for the hungry from local groceries, restaurants, community gardens, and donations and distributes it to several food pantries and schoolchildren in this area. Our job today was to sort and break down recycled boxes and pile the flattened good ones back up on pallets so that they can reuse them at a later date.  The guy who drove the pallet jack could turn that puppy on a dime!

After Harvesters, we went to pick up my husband's nephew. He had come up to visit his grandparents this week. He enjoys history like we do and museum hopping, so we like to indulge him. We took him to visit two museums today. At one of them, which I had never been to before, I immediately noticed a metal Gratitude Tree on the wall near the entrance. It was a metal tree with individual leaves attached to the wall. On each of the leaves were inscribed names of financial donors to the museum. I thought that was such a neat thing to acknowledge people you were grateful for right there in the public eye.

Well, I've had a long day and my bed is calling my name.  I just wanted to update you on a few of the happenings in our lives at the moment, so I'll say -- good night!

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