June 04, 2014

She's One of His Kids

She was born with cystic fibrosis and she's a fighter/survivor, Praise the Lord! She's in her 20's, has had a double lung transplant twice and in January, her completedly stopped truck was rear-ended by another car going full speed while she sat waiting at a school crosswalk. Both her truck and her person were damaged.

Cystic fibrosis is usually a death sentence for young children. If kids survive, it means precarious health and endless rounds of doctor visits. God has had his hand on her young life, allowing her to live way beyond her life expectancy and endlessly sharing his miraculous provision and grace in her life.

She healed and after she left the hospital, she found an apartment and was going to move in at the end of May, then left for her dream vacation to Hawaii with friends. She surfed on Sunday, crashed a moped on Thursday, and was taken to a hospital where she awaited surgery to remove a piece of it from her foot. Her family, meanwhile, back in the continental states began praying and asking friends to pray. This is where I came in, watching the story unfold as her mother, Annette, relayed her daughter's story to her Facebook friends about her struggle in that faraway place away from her watchful care. . .

I felt I had to share one of Annette's posts and yes, I have permission. Perhaps it will help you today. I met Annette online at a rubber stamping forum many years ago, amazed at many of the things we had in common. (One that I think is especially neat is that her then current church district superintendent was a former pastor at the church I attend.) Without further ado, here's Annette:
Annette May Schmoker Clyde

"Do you KNOW what an ANGEL looks like?
I mean - really? Do YOU?
Have you had an experience with an Angel, sat and shared time with one?
I have . . . . but that's another story for another day.
I have been mentioning the many blessings that we have received for our needs (esp. Joy and me) while we are here -- things people have done to try to make what could be disastrous or even devastating, most certainly financially crushing. . . possible. From the big to the small -- Hotel, food, flights. . . etc. And some of these "angels" have names and faces that I am familiar with, others not so much, but still they are being obedient to God's call on them to extend help to us. That is how God works.
This morning I wanted to be in worship, and had made requests from area Nazarene churches that went without reply. . . so there is this Chinese Church of Christ that we walk past on our strolls to/from hotel & hospital. . . that has a sign - English services at 7:45 AM and English S.S. at 9:30. . . and I went. PTL -- though small in number (perhaps 30 in service, 10 in S.S.) they are mighty in faith, and prayer and in their obedience to God's call to help a stranger in need. They collect food for the food bank on the first Sunday of every month (Ummmm sound familiar B LK Nazarenes?) and as we left they surrounded me with hugs, heartfelt prayers and pressed small folded pieces of paper into my hands . . . How small was my faith, thinking they were maybe 5's or 10's or possibly a 20 . . . I have no idea which angel pressed which gift . . . I have no way to thank them individually . . . but PTL, God KNOWS and He will reward them. What a blessing for me -- as I have no way of knowing how long this "hospital stay" will be for Misty & me. I have every way of knowing God will continue to take care of me! And perhaps, just like the way God multiplied those fish and loaves of bread -- He multiplied the bills pressed into my hands. BTW-- Curious are you? $200 was their love multiplied to me."
Annette says it so succinctly, God is providing and for that, she is grateful.
"We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks, for your Name is near;
(wo)men tell of your wonderful deeds."
~ ~ Psalm 75:1

Misty went to be with her heavenly Father. Please pray for the comfort of her family.
Thank you.

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